About Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris lead you to Volcanoes  National park which is just 78 km away from Kigali Airport. A gorilla trip in Rwanda can be a day trip from Kigali. One way drive takes approximately 2 hours hence making Rwanda the best place for gorilla trekking safaris in a short time. Several tourists doing gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest and Virunga National parks fly into Kigali. This because of its proximity to both forests unlike Entebbe Airport. It takes about 9 and 4 hours driving from Entebbe and Kigali Airports respectively. Thus makes Kigali strategically located for gorilla trips to both countries.

Rwanda is famous for its mountain gorillas but also has a lot more to offer. Its’ Nyungwe forest is home to chimpanzees, golden monkeys, and several other primates. The Akagera National Park is now home to the African Big five. Being located in the Virunga mountains, it provides several hiking opportunities such as Bisoke, Karisimbi mountains which makes safaris more adventurous.

Rwanda is known to serve the Luxury safari market due to the high price tag that comes with the its gorilla permits and accommodation. The cost of gorilla permits in Rwanda is $1500 each. This is more than double price of the same in Uganda and Congo at $700 and $400 respectively. This is a big turn off for many especially ones without heavy wallets. This leaves gorilla trekking adventure in this country to only the luxury travelers. Remember, the gorilla trekking experience in the three countries is the same. They all have mountain gorillas.

On top of that, the accommodation for tourists also come a high price which makes the overall safari costs very expensive.

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