Why Kenya Safari Tours?

Kenya Safari Tours are some of the most popular on the African continent. This East African country is lies West of the Indian Ocean, bordered by Uganda in the West, Tanzania in the South, Ethiopia and South Sudan, and Somalia in the North East. Kenya is very rich in terms of tourism ability. From migration of wildebeests in Masai Mara, to a healthy population of elephants in Amboseli, to the blue waters on the Indian ocean, this country has a lot to offer to a modern day tourist. This country is also home to the only two remaining Northern White Rhinos.

What is popular about Kenya Safari Tours?

Kenya Safari Tours are so popular to the extent that when most people think of an Africa safari, they think of Kenya first. There are a number o things that make this destination popular for safaris and among these are;

The migration of the wildebeest.

Annually, millions of wildebeest and thousands of zebras and gazelles migrate from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park to Kenya’s Masai Mara. They cross the Mara river which is normally full of hungry crocodiles ready to feast on the unlucky guests. These animals move for a couple of reasons among which are better weather and healthier food. This is the greatest animal migration on earth. It is for this reason that some call the Masai Mara the eight wonder of the world.

Coastal Beaches

Kenya lies west of the Indian ocean. It has very developed beaches and resort on the coast. Some coastal towns such as Mombasa are well developed and act as centers for business and trade. Other towns such as Malindi, Lamu, Msambweni, Diani, Mtwapa are historical. These towns were centers of trade during the times when the Arabs occupied the East African coast.

Royals and Early Explorers experienced Kenya Safari Tours

It is a fact that Queen Elizabeth was on a tour in Kenya. It is also  important to note that the Queen was at Tree tops Lodge in Abedare National Park when she knew about the passing of her father and that she had become queen.

Ernest Hemingway

The American writer and journalist also visited Kenya. This is one of the people who showcased Kenya to the world and his travels made Kenya Safari Tours popular.

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