How much does a Uganda safari cost?

The cost of a safari in Uganda is highly dependent on a number of factors. These include; activities you wish to do, number of days you are to spend, season of travel etc.

Type of Activity

Activities like gorilla trekking/ habituation, chimpanzee tracking/habituation, mountain trekking tend to be the most expensive in Uganda.¬† Entry permits for these activities are generally high before you even add on their logistics. These include; transport, safari lodges, safari guides among others hence making the general safari cost high. Game drives in Uganda safari parks require one to purchase an entry permit, of course less than the above. So, someone going on a 3 days¬† gorilla trekking safari spends more than the other going on a 3 days safari to Queen Elizabeth. It doesn’t matter if they stay at the same class of lodges.

Length of Safari

It is also quite obvious that the cost of a long safari in Uganda will be more than a short one not forgetting the other factors at play( level of accommodation, season of travel and activities to do)

Season of Travel

The season one decides to travel will also have some impact on the total safari price. There are times when safari operators are most busy and those when they are not. During the busy season, accommodation providers tend set high prices yet you can get the same accommodation at less, some times half the price at some properties. Tour activities like mountain trekking, sightseeing, community visits among others also tend to be expensive in the high season and cheaper in the low season.

Accommodation Level

Accommodation is also a big determinant when it come to cost of a Ugandan safari. While an individual spends a night at a property of 50 us dollars, another will spend the same night at a property of 500 us dollars. There is a big difference in prices of these two safari goers. It becomes even more as they spend more days on a trip.

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Number of people on safari

People who go for private safaris tend to pay more than ones who go for group safaris. On a group tour, some costs such as transport, guide fees, etc. are shared. Therefore, the cost tends to be less per per person. Whereas on private tours, the cost is only shared among the few travelers. This brings a big difference in their Uganda Safari cost.

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