Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife Safaris and Tours to the East African Countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda are a dream to many. This region is part of Sub-Saharan Africa. An area known for safaris. Below, we point out each country with its specials.
Uganda is a land locked country West of Kenya, North of Tanzania, East of Congo and South of South Sudan. This country is so much blessed when it comes to wildlife species. It ranks one of the top areas to see primates in their natural habitat as well as a great place to see the Big 5.


Kenya lies west of the Indian ocean and is a very popular destination for safaris. The country is home to the Africa big five animals namely; elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhino. It home to the only 2 remaining Northern White rhinos. The Masai Mara which is the final destination for millions of migrating wildebeest from Tanzania is in Kenya. The migration happens every year from the