Honeymoon Holidays

Honeymoon Holidays are once in a lifetime experience for many. You are wondering on where and how this special time with your partner should be? You want it to be fun and memorable. Mandela Safari Holidays is here to provide Exactly that.

East Africa has all sorts of things to do for honeymooners. From gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, to migration of millions of wildebeest from Serengeti to Masa Mara, to trekking the three of Africa’s highest mountains.  Not forgetting the beaches in Sese Island, Zanzibar and the at coast. There is  a fair distribution of lodges at all budgets. When deciding on what to do for your honeymoon, there are a number of factors to consider of which the following deserve mention;


For many, budget is the first factor that comes to mind when they think of such a holiday. Most people prefer to travel luxury or midrange for honeymoons. Africa has some of the most luxurious properties and as if that is not enough they are in the best settings. Imagine waking up to a pride of lions just next to your balcony, having breakfast on the African savannah, taking a safari walk to the rhinos. Honeymoons tend to be some of the most expensive holidays but you don’t have to win a lottery to go for one.  We have arranged honeymoons at a all budgets. The most important are the memories you create with your loved one. And to do this, you have to let us know what your interests are, and your budget. Yes, its better you also let us know that you are coming for a honeymoon. The more we understand you, the better we organise your holiday.

Length of stay on the honeymoon Holidays

The length of stay on a holiday is a factor to consider when planning a honeymoon to Africa. Where as some couple go for a week, the other goes for a month or even less. This again takes us back to budget. Keeping factors constant, a long honeymoon always costs more than a short one.

Interest. The couples’ interest is another factor considered when choosing a honeymoon. Some couples prefer trekking, others wildlife safaris, water sports, relaxing at beaches camping. Mandela Safari Holidays takes your interests as key to arranging your honeymoon getaway.

Tour company for your honeymoon Holidays

Choosing a reputable tour company to handle your honeymoon holiday arrangements can be a hard one. With 1000s of companies to choose from, Mandela Safari Holidays stands out. We have arranged honeymoon holidays for dozens of travellers over the years and have been reviewed positively for that. Some of the factors that set us apart from the others are;

We are a mix of European and African staff. Our staff will easily understand your culture and as well execute your travel plans perfectly. This also means we never subcontract your holiday to a third party.

We work closely with the best Hotels and Lodges. Our close relationships with the major accommodation players in the industry helps us influence what happens when our clients are out there for holidays.

We own our fleet of safari vehicles. Unlike many tour operators who don’t own safari vehicles, we own the vehicles you will use on your African Safari. This means that we maintain them to the highest standards, and as well assure of the best possible price since we have no middle men. 

If you want us to arrange your Honeymoon Safari, contact us.