Lion Trekking Experience

Lion Trekking Experience – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lion tracking Experience is among the most thrilling experience one should not miss in Queen Elizabeth National Park.  This activity helps cats’ enthusiasts who are opting not to miss lions on their safari in Uganda. The experience goes beyond the usual lion encountered on any of the typical safaris. Should you take part in it, you are sure to see lion on your safari.

Important to say, lion tracking experience is a research program thus making the adventure a non profitable program. It takes place in dedication to research and conservation. This experience is also aimed at monitoring of predators which are infinitely dropping in the country. It  is to ensure that the accumulating pressure on predators’ habitats can’t negatively affect their existence. The Uganda Carnivore Program “UCP” heads the program.  It assigns researchers responsibilities of tracking the prides which extends to both leopards and lions.

Furthermore, it is only practical in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasenyi, north of the park. Lion calls tracing the signals of trackers which are on the neck of some of the lions. When on a lion tracking experience, trackers drive off track in order to find the predators whenever the signals would be directing.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to most lions in Uganda. However, chances of seeing these cats on a normal game drive are limited. The leopard village is another predator tracking section. This village is one of the communities in Queen Elizabeth Park where “UCP” operates experiential tourism.

Why Lion Trekking Experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park?

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most popular park in Uganda. It is a biosphere Reserve which means people live alongside wildlife. This park is also known as a medley of wonders due to its biodiversity. Among these are; the tree climbing lions of Ishasha Sector, south of the park. It also harbors chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge and Imaramagambo Forest.  There is a possibility to do game viewing in Kasenyi in the north and Ishasha in the south. Boat Safaris on the Kazinga channel which joins Lake Edward and Lake George. The Katwe Tourism Destination carries out birding and cultural expeditions around the Katwe area. This special wildlife adventure is categorized under empirical tourism which is currently running as none profit adventure activity. Experiential tourism activities in Uganda currently apply to Queen Elizabeth national park  unlike anywhere else in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park provides a wide range of conservation based program. These include; lion/predator tracking, Mongoose tracking, bird counts and Hippo census. With this in mind, ion tracking applies for both lions and leopards. It goes as far as working under the guidance of experienced researchers. These help on searching for the lions with assistance of locators and radio collars drawing close to the cats.

While on a lion tracking experience, trackers go off track. They do this with researchers from Uganda Carnivore Program “UCP” using UWA safari vehicles. The experience is more or less a study tour and participants can collect as much data as possible.

How much does the Lion Trekking Experience Cost?

It is advisable to book this experience as early as possible since there is a specific number of slots available per day. The experience costs USD 100 and UGSHs 100,000 for Foreigners and East African respectively. In order to book your Lion Trekking Experience, send us an inquiry .

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