Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley national park lies in the valleys between Uganda’s borders
with South Sudan and Kenya. This park is surrounded by mountain ranges and
it is a savannah landscape. It is home to many animal and bird species.
Kidepo Valley National park is among the second best destination for a tour in
The park has a captivating scenery and it is home to a large number of
mammals and bird species.
Most people who visit the park use road transport which is a 10 hour drive from
Kampala city. If your budget is bigger, you can easily fly to Kidepo Airport.

Attractions in Kidepo Valley National Park

Narus Valley

You can have a great time by going for a game drive in the Narus Valley. This
valley contains the only permanent water sources in the park. It is for this reason that it has the highestdensity of animals in the whole park. The animals in the valley include, Buffalos, Elephants, Warthogs,
Lions and Zebras.

Kidepo Valley

You can also have a game drive in the Kidepo Valley and enjoy the beautiful
scenery in the valley which is eye catching though during the dry season, white
sand and a Borassus palm forest are the only remnants of once the flowing
Kidepo River. It is a seasonal river that flows only during the wet season. In this
valley, you keep out an eye out for ostriches and secretary birds.

Kidepo Sand River

Another attraction is the Kidepo river that you can only see when you visit the
park during the wet season. But when you visit the park during the dry season
the only thing you will see is a 50 meter wide bed of white sand that stretches as
far as the eye can see on either side.
The river beds are lined with Borassus palms and the remaining vegetation from
the wet season.
If you plan to visit the Kidepo Valley National Park during the dry season, you
can as well do camping.