Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National park is the smallest park in Uganda. It is very
close to Kampala and Entebbe. If you are planning a wildlife Safari in
Uganda, this park should be on your list.


The park lies approximately 240 kilometers from Kampala and only 30 kilometers from Mbarara. Mbarara is the biggest town in Western Uganda. From Entebbe international airport to the park it is about 290 kilometers.

The park covers around 260 kilometers but still the smallest of
Uganda’s Savannah national parks and underlined by ancient
Precambrian metamorphic rocks which date back.
The park is full of Rocky Ridges and forested gorges, Narrow ponds of
Lush, riparian woodland and much more. Like many other lakes, Lake
Mburo has been an addition to the formation of beautiful sceneries
hence attracting many tourists to come and see the hidden treasures of
the park.

Wildlife in Lake Mburo National Park

The park harbors 68 mammal species though it does not have
elephants and lions. The fact that there are no fierce lions in the park,
the tourists get a chance to freely see the animals up-close. The park
has got a wide range of birds flopping in the sky and are so being
visible to visitors. Some of the birds that are seen in this park include
rare shoebill, stork, African fin foot, Pelican, Heron among others.
Lake Mburo National park is blessed with forests that act as a habitats
to animals in the park and also help in the formation of rainfall that
provides water. The rain provides water to the animals hence improving
their well being.

The park is rich with Acacia trees, valleys, grasslands with different
types of grass that are fed on by the animals.
The park is well known for the Impala though it has a vast population
of wildlife ranging from ebra, Eland, Buffalo, water back, Leopard,
Hyena Hipos, Reedback among others.