Uganda Safaris 2023/2024

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Uganda Safaris 2023/2024 are better than before. With flexible booking Terms & Condition, book your Safari with confidence. Book your gorilla safari today with just 1000USD. Incase of a gorilla safari, we ask you to only book your gorilla permits. Pay the balance prior to arrival. In need of a travel insurance? we can help you with this.

What to Expect on Uganda Safaris 2023/2024

Uganda is truly an amazing country. It provides a wide range of excursions of which the following deserve some mention.

Gorilla Trekking Safari

Go deep into Uganda’s thick Bwindi Impenetrable forest or Mgahinga Gorilla park to look out for mountain gorillas. These are some of the world’s rare apes. They only survive in their natural habitat. This therefore means that if you want to see them one day, you better travel to Uganda.

Chimpanzee Trekking Safari

The country has many tropical natural forests and therefore primate trekking is a real thing in Uganda. Kibale forest National Park alone has 13 primate species. It is for this reason the primate capital of the world. There are several other places to see chimpanzees on Uganda Safaris 2023/2024.

White water rafting

Uganda is home to the source of the River Nile. This is the world’s longest river. The Nile has several rapids and falls. It is the Nile that you find the world’s most powerful falls; The Murchison Falls. There are numerous water sports on the Nile and these include, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, tubing, kayaking and so on.

Mountain Trekking

Mountain trekking is another reason for travelers to visit Uganda on a 2023/2024 safari. The Rwenzori mountain ranges in the west of the country are a unique wonder. They are a world heritage site. The Rwenzori is actually the only place where it snows along the equator. Other mountains to conquer include; mountain Elgon, Gahinga, Mufumbiro, Sabinyo, Moroto and so on.


The Uganda culture is very welcoming. Ugandans are among the most hospitable people in the world. This means that you will come as a tourist nd leave as a friend. For this reason, you may keep coming back.


In Uganda, we have the best climate. The country is crossed by the equator. It has both rainforests and Shortland savanna. The temperature is generally 20 to 28 degrees through the year. This implies that whether cold or hot, it never gets aggressive in Uganda.

The Big Five 

It is important to know that Uganda is among the main safari countries in Subsaharan Africa. Wheras many know it for its primates, Uganda is also home to the big five. That is to say; lion,elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo. 



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