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March 2022
Uganda Safari Tour Car
For most first-time traveler to Uganda, the mere thought of doing a self drive Uganda safaris stresses them. With the help of a safari driver/guide, it is easy to navigate the country. This comes along with identifying its wildlife, learning about its culture and history and so on. For the case of self drive safari...
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Big Five Safaris Uganda Big Five Safaris Uganda are ones in which travelers go to Uganda to look for the Big Five animals.  The term big five can be defined in two aspects. What does big five stand for? Firstly, Big five refers to the five animals that were the most difficult to hunt on...
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Chameleon Hill Lodge
Luxury Accommodation  in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest You will treat your self to a life time safari if you decide to stay at luxury accommodation in Bwindi impenetrable Forest. Imagine indulging your self in luxuries in the heart of an impenetrable forest. Below are some of the notable lodges and hotels in this home of mountain...
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Gorilla Safaris Uganda Rwanda
Preparing for Gorilla Safaris Are you planning for gorilla safaris in either Uganda or Rwanda or DRC? Or are you wondering where to go for gorilla trekking? Mandela Safari Holidays is here to take you through the process of preparing for gorilla safaris. For years, gorilla trekking experience is among the most selling safari activities...
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Boat safaris in Uganda Uganda is one of the few countries in Africa that offer this incredible experience while on safari. Imagine watching lions on a game drive and then elephants as they come to drink in the mid day sun. Boat safaris in Uganda are among the must do things for safari enthusiasts. A...
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