April 2022
L'hoest Monkey Primate Species Uganda

Primate Species in Uganda

Primate Species in Uganda Uganda is commonly referred to as the “Pearl of Africa”. It is one of the primate mostly concentrated destinations in the world. More to that, the country doubles in primates with apes and monkeys of which some are endemic and endangered. Almost in all protected area (National Parks and Forest reserve/...
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Photography Uganda Safaris

Photography Safaris in Uganda Photography Uganda Safaris provided great explanations of the wilderness. Safari moments are times to remember and taking a picture gives you another reason to meditate about them. Currently, wildlife photography is a booming business. However, it means that having a quality camera might pay off. We have led some of the...
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Uganda Safari Tour

Walking Safaris in Uganda

Walking safaris in Uganda provide a one of a kind safari experience. You walk into the jungles and savanna lands on foot. These guided walks take you through rain forests, mountains, woodlands, savannas, lakes and river shores, towns and villages. Walking safaris tend to be some of the most physically demanding. They however the most...
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Things do on Uganda Safaris

Due to the many things to do on Uganda safaris, the country remains at the fore front when it comes to adventure holidays. Sir Winston Churchill called it “The Pearl of Africa”. Uganda is Africa squeezed in one country. Her many incredible attractions make it the best country to go on a holiday. Whether you...
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